Praelium Commercial Real Estate

Praelium CRE is a boutique, best-in-class commercial real estate investment and advisory firm committed to identifying, developing, repositioning, and ownership of properties, as well as the entitlement and redevelopment of infill land in select growth markets.

Praelium’s Executive Team has worked together for more than 20 years. They utilize their expertise and experience combined with a research-guided, data-driven approach to operating a dynamic, forward-looking firm that skillfully exceeds expectations. Praelium acts deliberately throughout the process of investment and property development, with integrity and transparency, to create value for our partners.

Praelium’s primary focus is on assets in markets that have demonstrated a strong or growing demand by institutional and high net worth investors allowing for a predictable exit value and offering a high degree of liquidity.


817 State on the Paseo, Santa Barbara, CA


Praelium Commercial Real Estate is a dynamic business driven by ever-changing tenant requirements, demographic trends, technological innovation, and global capital flows. With this perspective, Praelium has consistently executed an investment strategy built on its core investment principles:

Market Selection

Invest in “talent cluster” markets where high-quality employers and employees choose to locate, creating strong and consistent leasing demand.

Asset Selection

Acquire and develop properties that, by virtue of location, physical quality, amenities, or other distinct features, can be positioned to offer sustainable and differentiated leasing advantages over their competition.

Add Value

Focus on situations where there are financial or operating issues that, when rectified, will create a stabilized investment with a durable income stream and broad appeal to institutional buyers.

Active Management

Actively manage all stages of the investment to create additional value and mitigate any potential downside given the dynamics of an ever-changing market and set of circumstances specific to each property.

Leverage & Exit Timing

Maintain control over exit timing by using leverage that will enhance investment returns while not putting the property at risk during periods when leasing markets soften or capital markets become constrained.

Understand Risk & Return

Measure investment performance by multiple metrics (IRR, equity multiple, leveraged and unleveraged return on cost) to properly assess the investments’ risk/reward profile.


Interior 90 Castilian, Santa Barbara, California


Paseo Nuevo Interior Rendering, Santa Barbara, California